British Colombia, Canada

Where the style of streetwear
meets the cannabis industry.


By: Justin Bell

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"Our team is just genuinely passionate about cannabis culture and for us that goes beyond a 4 wall brick and mortar business and extends into other lifestyle areas where we can give our customers more touch points with the brand once they leave the shop.

That’s John Kaye talking. He’s one of the founders of Burb, a new cannabis brand that’s bringing their own flavor of streetwear into the cannabis industry. But beyond just clothing, Burb fully encompases a lifestyle for today’s cannabis consumers. No longer does the cannabis consumer have to settle for products that don’t represent them or their relationship to the plant. Consumers old and new still have very limited options when it comes to products that are both functional and esthetically pleasing to them. Burb breaks that mold. They are a brand that does this well because Burb’s products are made by cannabis consumers for cannabis consumers. Everything that they create is in support of their vision to create a cannabis brand that today’s consumers feel good in.

          “Cannabis people will definitely understand that this industry has a much different culture than alcohol and tobacco and we wanted to make sure our garments didn’t end up in the gym bag or trash. Being quality obsessed led us down the path of creating our own fits, patterns and color dips and then making everything in Canada just felt like the right thing to do. Same goes with our accessories - we’re trying to make things we ourselves as cannabis enthusiasts would be obsessed with.” But Burb goes beyond just designing a collection of styling apparel, accessories, and bags. They are also on track to officially opening their two brick and mortar locations which will sell a variety of local British Columbia bud.


          A shopping experience unlike any other for not only combining apparel and cannabis, but for only selling cannabis as flower. No vapes, or pre-rolls, or edibles. Just bud. “We’ve been the ones quietly saying, ‘wouldn’t it be cool to do a flower only store?’ That kind of sums up our team. We’re old school flower smokers who really appreciate the whole plant and its benefits. Our stores are beautiful and made to create comfort with all types of customers but we’re definitely not alienating the existing ‘OG’ consumer.” says John. Most dispensaries that you go to have a lot of different cannabis products and many ways to consume. This can be overwhelming for people who might not know a lot about cannabis but also for people who have been smokers for a long time. Burb is extremely unique in that they don’t want to sell modern products. They want to keep cannabis as simple as possible and get the consumer back to the “roots” of cannabis.

          Burb is also dedicated to selling cannabis that is grown locally in British Columbia. “To us BC Bud is a way of life… a culture deeply embedded within the communities here. The problem is I don’t think its ever been properly branded or marketed and only something the inner circles of cannabis enthusiasts are aware of. It’s gotten its notoriety from quality products and started when draft dodgers travelled to BC bringing with them rare and sought after genetics. British Columbia also has environmental factors that contribute to our industry like hot summers, ample rainfall, and crisp autumns, the strains grown and developed here are very resilient. Additionally, the BC Landscape and traditionally lax law enforcement policies when compared to other provinces in Canada gave growers the ability and freedom to develop elite strains that gained notoriety. These factors all made it possible for B.C. to become a world-renowned leader in cannabis.”

003: This font was posted on 06 May 2015 and is called "Cheltenham Ultra" font. This font is in the ultra style. You can find over 61 other ultra fonts on Fontsup. You can find more 

004: This font was posted on 06 May 2015 and is called "Cheltenham Ultra" font. This font is in the ultra style. You can find over 61 other ultra fonts.

005: This font was posted on 06 May 2015 and is called "Cheltenham Ultra" font. This font is in the ultra style. You can find over 61 other ultra fonts.

          Burb has done well in bringing together the worlds of the cannabis industry and the apparel industry, but their goal is greater than that. They want to empower cannabis consumers and make them feel comfortable being open and proud of their cannabis use. Their brand isn’t here to create something new, rather it’s creating an environment that supports the culture around getting high. It’s still uncommon today for most people to openly discuss their cannabis use. Nor do many of the current cannabis brands feel like something today’s consumers can relate to. This lack of relatability and open conversation inhibits people from embracing their use and discussing the positives of cannabis in their life. “Light culture” is a phrase that Burb uses to describe how cannabis goes beyond just getting high. It’s a phrase that embodies the environment that they are trying to create with their brand.

          And while the stigma around cannabis is slowly disappearing, it’s giving people a means in which they feel comfortable openly talking about cannabis. Light culture helps to give the consumer a way in which they can describe what cannabis does for them beyond just physical experience.

Burb goes headfirst into creating a culture for cannabis consumers but also takes a leap in trying to educate them through their podcast. Also coined with the same name, “Light Culture” hosted by David Hershkovits, explores cannabis in conversations with some of the most influential people in the industry. “The podcast came together very organically with David. We connected and had so much to talk about regarding an industry that he’s been advocating for his whole life. David was the founder, publisher and previous editor-in-chief at PAPER and has been pro-pot legalization for decades. In fact, he was one of the first to publish an entire cannabis edition in major media with PAPER’s March 1993 Weed Issue. Being a voice for cannabis culture was a natural extension for our brand and a way to further deepen the emotional connection we’re trying to build with our people.

It’s getting more and more traction with each episode and we’re definitely excited about this segment of the business.”

          A brand can be many different things, but at Burb, it’s a lifestyle. They want people to relate to cannabis and have confident in their relationship with it. The thing that Burb recognizes most is that cannabis has always been more than just about smoking. Giving customers different touchpoints with cannabis allows them to comfortably explore the many different aspects of the plant. It helps to ground cannabis in something beyond consumption and give it a new approachable culture. You could have smoked for the first time yesterday, or for your entire life, but Burb was created for all.

“Light culture evolved from a very simple and literal meaning of lighting a joint (something we really enjoy doing). We want to support a culture of people that enjoy the same - lighting up. Our team loved the idea that empowered this act and we continued to build on the concept of light - lighting up your life, your health, your relationships - celebrating the power of light and how it relates to cannabis - such a crucial piece of the puzzle from seed to consumption. We use it internally as our mantra - it’s OK to smoke weed and light joints. The stigma is disappearing - we’re here to make sure of that.”         


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