New York, NY 

Queer Cannabis Lifestyle 

Bowl + Plant Magazine is the Queer Cannabis Quarterly. A lifestyle magazine that educates and entertains its' readers with a flair of cannabis, Bowl + Plant is more than just a gay weed magazine, because it builds a stigma-free, curated, and normalized experience for its’ readers. The content of Bowl + Plant focuses on nature, food + drink, travel, art, lgbtq, cannabis, and self improvement. Bowl + Plant is available in print from our online store and can be purchased per issue or readers can choose to subscribe for a full year of issues. With issues being released quarterly, Bowl + Plant keeps readers up to date with fresh content and new perspectives.

We wanted to create something that revolved around cannabis but we also really felt a struggle to find a queer community within the current cannabis market. With so much happening in recent years, we felt there was no better time to start a queer cannabis magazine. However, we wanted to focus on a wide range of topics within the magazine, and not limit ourselves to just chatting about strains, dispensaries, and research. Our thought is that we can normalize and help alleviate some of the stigma and adversities of being an LGBTQ+ person, a cannabis consumer, or just being yourself, by pairing them with familiar lifestyle topics and a modern layout approach.